Good Grief, I think we’re famous – Eggbreak features in Dan Levy’s Netflix original film

In 2023, Eggbreak got its big break, starring in Dan Levy’s debut feature film, Good Grief. We loaned out the restaurant for an entire day and got a taste for the spotlight as our humble hangout was transformed into a film set. Provisions for filming included blocking off the whole street and turning our basement dining space into a makeshift green room – showbiz, right? Besides that, the space remained untouched, already chosen for our rustic décor and relaxed atmosphere.

Settling against the cosy Eggbreak backdrop, the characters Marc and Sophie – two best friends recently overcoming grief and fear of commitment, respectively – enjoy some of our speciality coffee as they reflect on their personal growth and look to the future. Although the scene doesn’t feature any of our delicious food to accompany this emotional moment (we get it; we wouldn’t want our dishes to steal the show), we thought we’d go ahead and recommend the plates we would’ve paired with this scenario. We’re thinking of nostalgic childhood comforts like a soft-boiled egg and soldiers or an indulgent egg, bacon and cheese toastie, providing emotional padding to make the conversation easier to swallow.

The Eggbreak team were on hand the whole day to help the crew with any adjustments, get to know the cast and generally experience the inner workings of a film set. As we watched the scene come to life and the emotions between the characters fill up the space, it reminded us of the simple significance a neighbourhood restaurant can have. Your local coffee spot or food joint weaves into the fabric of your weekly routine as a place so familiar it becomes a second home and a setting for creativity, relaxation or emotional moments like this. We’re fortunate enough to see this familiarity with our regulars (several of whom have seen the film and commented on our screen debut like proud aunts and uncles, happy to watch us thrive), and we can only hope they see Eggbreak as an extension of their dining rooms whenever they stop by.

Hosting a film production at Eggbreak was a fun change of pace and a glimpse into the potential for future events and hires. As we continue to offer our space as a home away from home, we look forward to creating more memorable experiences with our local community.

Our space is yours, and we can’t wait to keep sharing it with you!

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