Launching Eggbreak Merchandise in Collaboration with Novel Mart and frank green 

Giving the people what they asked for (humour us for a second), we’re egg-static to announce the launch of our new Eggbreak merchandise range, created with Novel Mart and frank green. Since you’ve got to be your own super fan – if Taylor Swift can wear a t-shirt with her face on it, why can’t we? – we designed a line of playful pieces sporting some of our silly Eggbreak slogans and a tribute to one of our most-loved dishes.

Keeping our customers in mind at all times, we’ve teamed up with Novel Mart to create T-shirts and sweatshirts that are so comfortable you can brunch in them to your stomach’s content! But that’s not all. There’s also the ‘Cracking Stuff’ cap to commemorate the launch of our new blog, the ‘Eggs All Day’ cap so you never forget what we’re about, and two styles of tote bags because what merch range would be complete without a canvas tote?

What’s more, and a particular favourite among the team, our yolk-yellow stainless-steel coffee cups designed in collaboration with frank green. Expert crafters of sustainable utensils and campaigners against single-use items, frank green helped us create these sleek cups that are cute enough for your morning commute and large enough for your caffeine fix – a winner all around.

You can purchase a selection of our exclusive merchandise on the Novel Mart website or find the full range directly through our online shop.

If you prefer a more personal touch, visit the restaurant and allow one of our friendly team members to show you what we have so you can shop as you dine with us. Oh, and if you happen to send us a snap wearing any of our pieces, we’ll be guaranteed to crack a smile or two.

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